Recruitment Information

VeniVidiVici is one of the leading EU end-game linkshells on the Asura server.

Our events are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM CET/CEST.

Recruitment is open for the following jobs:

  • GEO (idris), COR, THF (high)
  • RDM, SCH, WHM (medium)
  • Others (low)

If you’d like to speak to a sackholder for any enquiries please contact one of the following in-game:

  • Radamantis (leader)
  • Gazzer (co-leader)
  • Xathe (web admin)
  • Jinbe (officer)
  • Kukiki (officer)
  • Schaka (officer)

Happy B-Day

5 years have already passed since we created this Linkshell.
Since then we proved many times our determination to keep pushing beyond our limits.

Over the bunch of years a lot has happened.

I admit that the beginning wasn’t always easy, we faced a lot ups and downs and got beaten from several bosses, we lost friends, but also new faces joined us and new bonds were made.

“Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong” -Ali

I want to say thanks to every one who ever crossed our paths and enforced and encouraged us.

Today every one from us can proudly  wear the name of our Linkshell.

We are clearing all content no matter what is out there.

To the next 5 years!

Happy B-Day VVV.


Zerde (FC Burn)

Warder of Courage


Teles – Melee Style

Dyna Windy – Fii Pexu the Eternal(not king) :P

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