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Dyna Windy All W2 NMs + W3 full clear

Grats Khris & Nalfey

Dynamis Windy W3

Dynamis Sandy (W3) clear

Grats Nal and Kuumi for the win! Now go spend your gils on Astrals !

Grats Stra for your doublet.

★Unafraid of the Dark★

Congrats Jinbe, Wrathos, Phinneus, Luckky, Pixster, Radamantis

Albumen – 18 man melee style !

Good Job VVV  !  /respect

Temperix slavery to be continued… (10 Aeonics)

Congratulations, Ooxz, Opaque, Setho, Blazzy, Luckky, Phineus, Jinbe, Budstar, Jailer and my self to our new Aeonic.
(Next train starting 9.03.2020)

Dynamis Jeuno (W3) Clear

Congratulations Ooxz!

Schah – 18 Man melee fight

Dynamis Windy (W3) Clear – Volte Body !

Grats Schaka, Wrathos, Jinbe & Irradiance

Dynamis Bastok (W3) Clear – Grats to the ones who needed the Win

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