Linkshell Rules

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Linkshell Rules

Post by Xathe » Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:34 pm

VeniVidiVici is one of the leading EU end-game linkshells on the Asura server.

Our events are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM CET/CEST.
Attendance is mandatory if you are online. We also have a non-mandatory event on Sunday at the same time.

Below you can find our linkshell rules. Before you apply please read them carefully as members who repeatedly break these rules will be removed from the linkshell.

1. Be ready for end-game
You must have at least 2 jobs fully geared (119+) and decent knowledge of how to play them. If you haven't done certain end-game events before you should read up on them beforehand.

2. Respect each other
To preserve the peace we do not tolerate drama. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect. Mocking or bullying other members is not acceptable.

3. Help each other
Helping each other improves the linkshell as a whole and makes it easier for us to clear harder content. Charging fellow members gil for your help isn't acceptable so if you're going to help someone you must do it for free.

4. Events
  • 4.1. Attendance
    We have 3 mandatory events per week and these usually last between 2-3 hours. If you are online during an event you are expected to attend unless a sackholder has told you that you are able to sit out.

    For events which require KIs such as Omen and Dynamis-D you should make sure you save your KIs for scheduled events.

    Sackholders will decide which job you are required to play. This is non-negotiable. While we try to make sure everyone has a chance to play the jobs they wish to, sometimes certain jobs are required to clear content efficiently. If you refuse to attend as a specific job then you will be regarded as absent.
  • 4.2. Start times
    We start gathering for events 15-30 minutes prior to the event starting. Be sure to be available and ready to be invited. Check that you already have any food or consumables you'll need to last the entire event.
  • 4.3. Linkshell bank
    Any synthesis materials that drop during events are used to fund the linkshell bank. These funds are then spent on pop items for future events.
  • 4.4. Drops and lotting
    For each event every member must set a seacom to be allowed to lot on items. You can choose one item per event and you are only allowed to lot on that specific item. If you win the lot on your item you will no longer be allowed to lot for the rest of the event.

    If an item drops that isn't in anyone's seacom then it will be free lotted. You can only win a single free lot item per event. Items which drop in larger quantities (such as S. Astral Detritus) are random drop.

If you've read these rules and agree to follow them you can create a forum account and submit an application.